Curtis Carlson Nelson - Hospitality Experience

While focusing largely on the business, marketing, and management aspects of hospitality, Curtis Carlson Nelson has also dedicated his time to educating others about the industry.

He has worked with both the University of Delaware and the University of Houston to help college students follow their career goals in hospitality.

As a staff member of the School of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management at the University of Delaware, Curtis Carlson Nelson has helped the department become one of the best in the world for hospitality and business education. The College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston is also ranked among the best hospitality programs across the globe. 

Through his educational efforts, Curtis Carlson Nelson has helped students gain exceptional experience that has led them to become successful leaders and entrepreneurs in the wonderful world of hospitality.

Curtis Carlson Nelson has dedicated his career to improving the hospitality industry.

He is dedicated to making travel easy, convenient, and affordable for people all across the globe. Travel is an essential part of everyday life both for business professionals and individuals looking to spend some leisure time. 

In order to improve and grow the hospitality industry, Curtis Carlson Nelson has worked and gained experience in numerous areas of the industry including: